I read online that you should smile at babies and copy their facial expressions as they will start to mimc you.
So me and James smile at Melody a lot.

This morning James was smiling at her and she did the biggest smile back :) it wasn’t the usual windy smiles she does, it was a proper smile.

So a few hours later I did it and she smiled again. And then again afterwards when James did it.

It was the best thing ever, seeing a proper non windy smile.

I can’t wait for the next one :)

I can’t believe Melody is 5 weeks old on Sunday :) it’s gone so fast.

This time last year I never thought I’d have my rainbow.

She gives me a reason to be alive, and I love her with all my heart.

'Happy birthday mummy!' :) <3 #melody #rainbowbaby #cute

'Happy birthday mummy!' :) <3 #melody #rainbowbaby #cute

My pretty lady :) &lt;3 #melody #cute #rainbowbaby

My pretty lady :) <3 #melody #cute #rainbowbaby

Happy birthday to meeeee


I didn’t know that -_- my hospital gave me no information on after care or anything.

I’ll start doing it again and speak to my doctor when I can :)


I might try that if I start to feel it’s getting worse.

Thanks :)

No because the outside is fully healed so I figured I didn’t have it still do that :/

I’ll keep taking the anti inflammatory meds and see if they help.

Ladies who had a 2nd degree episiotomy/ or tear…

So I’m 4 weeks pp exactly today. The pain is mostly gone. I’m still a little tender and if I sit certain ways it hurts a little. The outside is healed but the inside is still healing,

The last couple of days my bum cheek has been super tender. When I had my episiotomy they cut into my right bum cheek a little as they do it a curved shape. It’s only on the cheek a small amount. But the whole cheek has been sore and I noticed today it’s a little swollen. I got James to check and he said it’s swollen too.

I won’t be able to get to the docs until Wednesday as it’s my birthday and a bank holiday tomorrow, and Tuesday I’m super busy.

Do you think the inside could be infected and this is why it’s happening? Or could it be that I’ve done a bit of walking recently? Or maybe just because it’s healing?

I’ve not took my anti inflammatory meds the last few days because I forgot so maybe that has something to do with it too.

Any advice? This happen to anyone else?

I don’t feel unwell or anything, just a sore swollen bum cheek.


I was thinking of making two groups on Facebook.

One miscarriage support and for those ttc after a loss, the other for those pregnant after a loss or already have rainbows.
I wanted to do them separate as I know some people would be in different stages of grief, and seeing people’s pregnancy announcements etc can be hard.

Would anyone be interested in this if I did it?